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About Our Show

Go Head Mama is a podcast for moms from Danielle and Kate, two friends got knocked up in quick succession and realized they (and other amazing moms) had a LOT to talk about other than their kids. Danielle and Kate met in law school, where they never had enough time to hang out, and now see each other more often via Skype than the probably ever did IRL. In short, they are mamas and they are making it happen.

Based outside London with her family, Danielle is an advocate at heart working in social impact strategy when she’s not performing the Rio 2 soundtrack for her two-year-old or convincing her newborn that mommy’s hip is not the only seating option available. She knew that being a mother was the biggest responsibility she would ever have. Now she is on that roller coaster trying to keep herself at the forefront of her own life.

Kate is a mother of one very cute, very sweet, totally bananas two-year-old. She lives in San Francisco, California and works as an attorney for a technology company. Her interests include searching eBay for impractical shoes and tricking people into baking pies for her. The lion’s share of cussing on the show is her fault, and she flips frequently between pride and shame in that fact.